Why are you starting a business?

There’s a lot of reasons why people start businesses rather than working for someone else. But sometimes, in the process of “starting” the business, the reasons for doing so can get jumbled up. So one of the things discussed in the work book for “36 Things You Need to Know Now” includes writing them down.

Reasons can range: maybe you have a topic you want to share with the world? Or you’ve found yourself unemployed…. but you really are a pro at what you do?

Have you found that your boss is dictating the quality of your life?

Or maybe you want to lead your life in a small town, near parents, relatives, etc… but your current job doesn’t allow for remote work? In the day and age of the web, often you can share your expertise without needing to be in a major metropolitan city.

Another reason lot’s of people give is the idea of being paid “what they’re worth.”  When you’re salaried, working for someone else, you can have brilliant ideas that contribute to THEIR bottom line – but hardly make a dent in yours.

And another reason that I’ve heard a lot of my college students (now alumni) use – working for yourself in your own business is hardly more risky than working for someone else. And when you look at it from their perspective – one of watching their parents go off to work one day and come home that night with a banker’s box full of personal belongings… Can you really blame them?

So as you begin to ask yourself if you want to start a business — consider the why: why do you want to start your business? For more information and ideas about this starting place, check out this article at McMoodyCrawford.com.

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