Who is your customer?

Someone once asked me why I was such a popular teacher. While I usually have fairly flip answers for such things (ie: I bring donuts at the end of the term or on test days), there really are some things  knew as a marketer tht helped me as a teacher.

I understood my customer.

Understanding your customer is like understanding your spouse or significant other: you know what they like, you know how to talk with them to help them really “hear” what it is you have to say, you know what they need to know in order to give their consent or buy-in. You know their needs sometimes before they do.

So what do you need to know about your customer? In my case, I understood my kiddos: some were marketing majors who soaked everything in; Some were clocking time in the class because it was a required class. Some were stressed out atheletes who had already been to practice long before my class and were weary from the pace. Some were working students who had closed the store, restaurant or bar they worked at the night before, still bleary from too little sleep. Some had read the mateial, some hadn’t. My job was to tell the story of marketing that day: To make it not just understandable but engaging, interesting, relevant to each of their lives.

The same can be said for clients. This goes beyond the requisite birthday, anniversary, etc. So, think about your own business’ clients (or the clients you’d like to have).  What do you KNOW about them? Describe them. Paint a portrait of their personality, quirks, etc. What is meaningful to them? Just remember though, this is only the first step towards creating a real RELATIONSHIP with your (hopefully!) life long customer.

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