What’s the difference between Squeeze Pages Vs Opt Ins

What’s the difference between a Squeeze page and an Opt-in?

An Opt-in is usually a box – a pop up or a spot on your home page.  You offer the reader or visitor a “gift” or what some  people call “an ethical bribe.”  In exchange for giving you their email, you give the visitor an e-book or a special report or an email series of tips.

A Squeeze page, however, usually focuses on exposing your reader to your actual paid product. It takes the place of those 7-12 visits to the retail store before buying by bringing you to their attention repeatedly through your email list, once they’ve initially checked your site out.

A good Squeeze page should give enough information to whet curiosity, and no more. That’s the point at which it invites the reader to give up that name and email address, in order to learn more. People who are not serious customer prospects will not sign up – and again, that’s a good thing.  You want your email list to consist of serious, potential buyers.

How do you make your Squeeze page irresistible? It’s all about the benefit, of course. Let your ideal customer know that this product has the exact benefits he’s been seeking. Convince him that if he surrenders his contact information, the results will be worth it.  And then make sure you deliver!

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