What is Your Brand About?

Build A Brand

 Who would you buy from if you needed running shoes?  A shoe manufacturer you’ve never heard of … or Nike?

Most likely, you’d buy from Nike because you’re familiar with the brand. When people are spending their money, they like to know who they’re spending it on.

Branding, helps establish who you are and what you’re about. And you don’t have to be a big company like Nike to be a brand.
In fact, online the biggest asset you have to building your business and pre-selling your content is your personality.

Most small business owners brand is based directly on their personality. It attracts prospects, earns their trust and helps build that all important buying trigger – likeability.

Do you already have a brand?  If not, consider cultivating one as part of your pre-selling strategy. You’ll use your brand on your website, blog, in your content and in your social networking interactions.  Some questions to get you started include:

  • What are the key adjectives you would want someone to use to describe you?
  • What is your mission in your business?
  • Describe what you want the customer experience to be like?
  • How are you different or better than your competitors?

This can get you started as you start building your brand – your brand will then permeate through to the “voice” or tone you use to write all your blog posts, the graphics you use, the personality of your marketing tactics, etc.

Branding is a critical element of marketing: if you invest in it you’ll find that it’ll pay you back in dividends by helping to create a true persona in the mind of your customers. And remember – people buy from “people” – so people have to feel like they are building a relationship with you and/or your company.

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