What is Private Label Rights?

Private Label Rights is loosely referred to as PLR in the internet marketing world. It’s “done for you” content that you as a webmaster can use to help build your website or create other types of content with.

The Good Things About PLR

PLR is a great way to get going with your website development or construction of content.  Because it’s “private label” you have the right or permission to use the content for your marketing and product purposes (see the decription of the “rights” you are purchasing– they are always explained in the legal disclaimers.

PLR is also a great way to ge ideas – for blogs, for email courses, for books even. If you have problems writing, PLR can be ideal in helping you put together any of these things.

The Bad Things About PLR

There’s a lot of really bad PLR out there. And alot of it is over used as well.  Be cautious about who you buy your PLR from and examine not just the quality but also the number of “liscenses” or the number of times they will be selling the product before they pull the product off the market.

Under the “bad” category, I’m also going to include the “bad ways” people use PLR.  PLR is a great jump start. It’s a great way to organize your thoughts. But goodness – don’t use PLR blindly by just copying and pasting it in sum total.

A great friend of mine, Daniel Hall of Real Fast Books, says when you are using PLR to:

  • Always change the title or headline
  • Always proof read the material, adding your own anecdoates or stories where appropriate.
  • Always change the graphics (or add) so that they reflect your personality.

PLR has gotten a horrible reputation – but used well it can help jump start your work on your website, your infomation products or your materials.

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