What Can You Learn from BBQ?

What can you learn from a barbecue company? Sure, maybe how to barbecue better, or a recipie. Or maybe how to use the tools and gadgets of barbecuing.

But I learned a lot from Lea Richards, CEO of Pig of the Month BBQ. And I didn’t even get my fingers sticky.

Lea was recently on the Business Blogging Telesummit, a fantastic series of teleseminars hosted by Tom Traenor of Right Mix Marketing. And her story is nothing short of inspirational. If you have ever dreamed of escaping your corporate gig for your heart’s desire… then Lea should be your patron saint.

Lea did all the things society tells you to do. She got the degree. Went to the city. Got the big fancy corporate finance job. And was miserable.  So while shopping for a present for her father, she struck on pure gold inspiration.  Pure, barbecue flavored gold.  When she finally got a present for dad -the barbecue she had ordered was less than to be desired. So she decided to do something about it.

When she started her company, she created and did it all. She created the recipies, she developed the partnerships, and she blogged.

And she also learned. “A huge mistake was the online advertising… pay per click, banner ads.”  But she learned, quickly.  She sought out similar companies that were targetting the same customer to create great cross pomotions with. For examle, a barbecue tool company and Pig of the Month exchanged coupons to put in each other’s shipping boxes.

She also applied some of the same principles of affiliate marketing to charitable cross promotion. For people who bought her product through the non-profit, the nonprofit got a percentage of the sale.

But Lea’s advice:

1. Start blogging. Blog to gain fans. Blog to get support. Blog to connect to other networks, such as through guest blogging.

2. Start your list immediately – use a pop up email box and a free giveaway to get your list started.

3. Just get started. Don’t feel like you have to have a full marketing plan before you get started.

So get started! And maybe you’ll have finger licking good results too!


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