We All Need Heros

Even when you’ve been doing your job a while – it’s nice to have someone you can look to as “having it all together.”

I’ve been a professional marketer for (GASP) more than half my life, and even gotten a few letters after my name to go with that experience.  During that time, I’ve written a WHOLE lot when it comes to marketing — how to do it, how to teach it, how to make it better.

But writing – as does marketing – takes work. Writing is hard work. And writing is so often under-estimated in the amount of work it actually does take.

Which is why when I read Jeff Bullas’ blog “7 Tips for Finding “Your” Writing Voice,” I was struck – not just because of the tips involved (don’t get me wrong – they’re great too).

No – it was the direct  ‘hitting-the-nail-on-the-proverbial-head’ statement: “What if I show a side of me that no one likes or thinks is stupid?

And there you have it: why some people never blog. Why some people never step out to write that book they’ve always wanted to. Why some people never actually “find” their voice.

Because from the time we are incredibly young, we are taught to shape and squish our thoughts or ideas into a box that everyone else will find acceptable, and wording them in a way that won’t hurt anyone’s feelings, or cause trouble.

Jeff’s advice gives baby-steps advice to push outside your socially-shaped comfort zone… and for those of us who have been doing this a while – is a refreshing reminder that, yes – it’s cool to be just as weird as you really are.

Where was this advice when I was in high school? 😉

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