Ways to Target Your Market: Geo-segmentation

When marketing, it’s important that you know and understand your target audience’s pain, desires, wants and needs so that you can portray to them that you understand (through your marketing materials – blog post, reports, webinars, etc) their challenges, or hopes and dreams, and how your services can provide the solution.

A lot of people get hung up though on the word or phrase “target market.”  If that’s thowing you – think of it as focusing on exactly who your customer is – be able to describe them well. So, as an example, think of your parent. Can you imagine him or her? Age? Likes? Dislikes? Major challenges? Values?

Now – do that same thought process with your target customer. If you can’t, then you may not know enough about your target audience. That’s not to say you should STOP and not do anything  but rather keep working and digging, learning more all the time. And by nature, you’ll do this anyway if you care (and you should care) about your audience. But you may need to REALLY make it a priority as you start working on your ideal customer profile.

Keep your focus on a particular and well-defined target market

 Just like with all successful marketing ventures, keep the target of your subscription well-defined. For example, if you have a weight loss newsletter and you target anyone who wants to lose weight, you’re going to have a tough time getting people really excited about your membership and staying on for a long period. After all, excess weight comes from a number of different reasons and solutions will vary from person to person (or certain types of people).

In addition, you’re going to be competing with the likes of some very big players trying to get a slice of the action. You’re better off targeting your publication to a specific group like diabetics, post-menopausal women (but maybe not call your newsletter that!), etc. A potential subscriber who feels you really understand their problem is more likely get on board and get help from you.

Here’s one wayyou can segment or focus your marketing efforts:


 You may not think geo-targeting can help you sell more product.  You also may not think it really matters if you focus on local businesses, when your clients so far range across all of North America… but a tactic as simple as:

1. including your city in your keywords, meta tags and domain name

2. submitting your cite to local directories (up to state or province wide)

One other reason to include geo-targeting in your monetization SEO:  Thanks to Facebook Places and the “social search” phenomenon, geo-targeting is currently a red hot trend proven to increase and maximize traffic.

 Stay tuned for more tips on how to segment or make it a point of getting to know your target audence!



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