Try Hosting a Webinar to Build Relationships with Customers

There are a few key truths about marketing and working with customers.

  • People enjoy receiving free, quality, information.
  • People learn in different ways (visual, audio, etc).
  • And if a person has “learned from you” they are likely to have built trust with you.
  • People buy from people they trust.

A webinar is one way to do this. By hosting a free webinar you can demonstrate that you’re an expert on your topic and market your information product, before, during or after the webinar.

Again, like other forms of content, this type of content helps to establish your expert status in your industry. And it can help brand your business and enhance your likeability factor. (We buy from people/companies we like and can relate to.)

So, content offers you, the business owner, the unique ability to:

•       Become an authority on your topic

•       Strengthen your brand

•       Enhance likeability

•       Solve your prospects’ problems

There’s two ways to do this: Speak at someone else’s seminar. (Not only will this help you gain expert status, you will market your business to a whole new set of prospects.) Or host your own. (A great way to cultivate your own relationship with your own customer base.)

BONUS TIP: if someone is kind enough to offer to host a webinar for you and let you loose with their customers, certainly make them an affiliate, which means you would be sharing a portion of the revenue from the sale from those customers who attended.

So – after the webinar – and now that you have that customer’s email through their opt in… Next, let’s take a look at one of the most valuable assets a business owner can have – their opt-in list.

Autoresponders are particularly useful for sending nuggets of information over a predetermined and scheduled amount of time. Once someone opts in to your list, you can send them valuable information gradually increasing the amount of promotion or sales content in the message.  This will help you to continue building a relationship with the customer.

BONUS TIP: OR — you can sell what’s known as an e-course, which provides the regularly scheduled /distributed course content information at the end of the webinar to cover the material in a more indepth way.

For example, you could send a ten week course on how to train for a marathon, each week offering useful tips for where the person should now be in their training. After the first two or three weeks you could add in a link to a running supplement or a training log software program (whatever product or service you’re selling).

The key is to establish your credibility first and then sell the product.  Continue, even after someone’s become a customer, to use your opt in list to connect with your prospects and target audience and to build a community.

 So certainly – when you are thinking about ways to build your authority and expertise (and relationship with your customers) webinars is another great way to do this!

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