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Telework: Avoiding communication issues

As many of you know, I’ve bee a teleworker, road warrior and home officing type for a long, long… did I mention… long time. So I’ve been sharing some of my all time tips and tricks. This one is about the mishaps of miscommunication – especially when most of the team isn’t housed in the same […]

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Telework: The home office checkup

In some of my outside writing I’ve been offering tips and tricks to working from home – either when you’re working for youself, or working in Corporate America. There’s lot’s of great advice out there – for the beginner teleworker. But what about that person who’s been home officing fo years? Decades? There’s still stuff […]

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Teleworking : Expect the unexpected

Even when you control your own work environment, as I do when I work from home, there’s always still the element of the unexpected. Therefore, In some of my outside writing, I’ve been offering tips people should think about for preparing for the unexpected (when you’re either working for yourself or for a corporation). Here’s one of […]

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Researching a new office environment

A lot of people think the home office is eutopia. And it is – for me – and for many. But it’s not for everyone. In some of my outside writing, I’ve been offering tips people should consider before they decide to work from home (either for yourself or for a corporation) and how to […]

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