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Why does branding matter?

A lot of people ask me about branding, what it is, why it matters and if it should matter to them, their small business or their product.  While much has been written on the subject of branding, it can still be a pretty confusing topic for a lot of people. What is Branding? “Branding” occurs when any […]

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Reinventing your Brand

We all have to reinvent ourselves. Whether it’s getting back up from a failed business, a friend or colleague who gets laid off and wonders “now what?” or suffering the slings and arrows of day to day life. And it seems like there is a whole lot of reinventing going on for people – given […]

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Managing your “Visibility” – A Lesson in Privacy

It’s a strange day when we as webpreneurs have to consider our privacy philosophies. Certain professions have always had to deal with the “invasion of privacy” aspects of their jobs: politicians, actors, autors, big time business people etc. But they had time, usually, to develop their philosophies. Few actors made it big in their first […]

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