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Improving Institutional Memory

I remember as a young manager at AT&T and US West, we used to talk about “institutional memory” – usually in connection with people being laid off and how we were losing all that “knowledge” of what had gone before us. Today – actually the next few days, is Thailand’s NewYear’s celebration clled Songkra. While […]

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What are your goals in your business?

As a young manager in corporate America, I remember going through that time-tested ritual of managing employees – every year (or every so often) sitting down with my team and asking “So what are your goals?” Some were funny (I want to find a date?) and some were personal (I’d like to be married and have […]

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Why are you starting a business?

There’s a lot of reasons why people start businesses rather than working for someone else. But sometimes, in the process of “starting” the business, the reasons for doing so can get jumbled up. So one of the things discussed in the work book for “36 Things You Need to Know Now” includes writing them down. Reasons […]

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Can You Keep Everyone Happy?

Ok – show of hands folks….All parents, managers and judges  — Feedback time: When was the last time you could keep all of your kids happy? Make your employees thrilled about all of your decisions? Yield a verdict where both parties “won?” As a university professor who teaches marketing, and successfully runs several businesses, I […]

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Why I Love Students

In addition to the consulting, research and writing that I do, I teach university students — marketing, management, writing– you name it. People often ask me if I wouldn’t just rather deal with “paying” customers all day long. Paying customers? So what are students? 😉 But instead of saying that,  I laugh. No. Students are […]

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