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Celebrate Your Customers All Year Long to Have a Happy Holiday Season

If you want to ring in the New Year with record holiday sales, better take a closer look at your customer relationships rather than your store decorations, recent research shows. In recent studies, Motista, a customer research firm, has found that only 24% customers plan on purchasing from a retailer they shop with currently. That […]

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Please don’t ask….

A very large, very famous, well known grocery store called me one time, wanting to ask me a few questions about my most recent shopping experiences at their store. I happen to fall in a very select group of customers – club card member who also has groceries delivered, has a household income in excess of X, […]

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Woof. Don’t Kick My Team

In a day and age of less than loyal companies, governments who are trying to eliminate unions, jobs being outsourced faster than McDonalds can process an order… Company loyalty can sometimes feel like a quaint old idea that went the way of the gold watch and working for a firm until you die. But in […]

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