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Take a Breather – Diwali

Ahhh winter time. We’re being beseiged with wind or snow… and beginning the major holiday planning: getting reading for the feasting of Thanksgiving and the impending Christmas whirl of activities. But just before all our maddness begins, consider taking a moment to borrow a celebration of the Hindu people. Diwali is the biggest celebration of the year […]

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A Different New Year

As a Catholic, I’ve always had a deep fondess for the mysterious world of Judism, a world I wasn’t exposed to until my mid-20s. I’ve always found the rituals, the symbolism…. the TRADITION! to be simultaneously fascinating and profound all at the same time. The last few days have been the Jewish New Year – […]

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Remind Yourself of Spring

Happy Enkutatash — the Ethiopian New Year’s! Well actually it was yesterday, but I goofed! Enkutatash comes after a long rainy spell; leaving a world of vegetation and flora coming to life in its wake. In celebration of the holiday, children hand flowers to everyone on the street. If you are like me though, I live in the […]

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Improving Institutional Memory

I remember as a young manager at AT&T and US West, we used to talk about “institutional memory” – usually in connection with people being laid off and how we were losing all that “knowledge” of what had gone before us. Today – actually the next few days, is Thailand’s NewYear’s celebration clled Songkra. While […]

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Happy Chinese New Year!

There’s nothing like Chinese New Year: the fireworks, the decorations…. it’s a menagerie of sounds and smells and colors all colliding that overwhelm the senses. The holiday marks the end of winter, beginning the new year with the Spring Festival. After having cleaned their homes, quite litterally having “swept away” any bad luck that might […]

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