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Are your customers invisible?

I don’t rant often. I don’t pick on retail employees, because I, too, was a young college student making ends meet by working retail not that long ago.  And I’ve had many, many former retail employees as students and as employees since. I know their pain and the hard work it takes to be a […]

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Video Game Lessons for Improving your User Interface/Experience

I hate my remote control. I’m sure many of you have had this experience: you know the one I’m talking about. Where your 9 year old kid can figure out 15 ways to do something with technology, but you’re still left trying to figure out how to record Star Trek: TNG? Technology companies know this. […]

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Can You Keep Everyone Happy?

Ok – show of hands folks….All parents, managers and judges  — Feedback time: When was the last time you could keep all of your kids happy? Make your employees thrilled about all of your decisions? Yield a verdict where both parties “won?” As a university professor who teaches marketing, and successfully runs several businesses, I […]

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Customers Are Still Willing to Pay for Great Customer Service

Customer service advocates rejoice! Customer service – or rather the importance of – is a live and well.  … Well, to be honest, it never really dissappeared.  Techno-geeks might have lead some to believe that customer service could be relegated to automated mechanisms or outsourced to some far off land with incomprehensible accents, but these […]

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