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Writing through Writer's Block: Getting good blog ideas

Writing through Writer’s Block: Getting good blog ideas

We’ve all been there. A term paper is due tomorrow. A report that needs to be on your boss’ desk before you leave.  An email that just has to be written, saying what you don’t want to say… and of course it won’t write itself will it? Wouldn’t it be nice if all these things […]

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What if TV holds the key to helping schools?

In my last few postings I’ve been discussing my growing frustration with the lack of creativity and funding being commited to the educational system. We’ve been openly discussing how by rethinking what school is, what students really are, and how to alleviate pressures on educators, there might be a way to grow a new kind […]

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A recipe for improving schools?

A recipe for improving schools? In my latest string of blogs, I’ve been mulling over the current state of affairs affecting education. The lack of funding, lack of creativity, and lack of commitment by key stakeholder groups seems to be leaving education in a precarious, rudderless drift: educators afraid to make changes that won’t help […]

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Reinvest... In YOU

Reinvest… In YOU

Carving out time to recharge, rethink ideas, learn new skills is never easy. No matter if you are a mom, a small business person, a teacher…. here’s always a running to do list in your head of “really important things to get done:” oops, rotate the laundry. Darn, I forgot to proof read that article […]

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