The Three Social Media You Can’t Ignore

If you’re in business, part of your job is to constantly be looking for new ways to run your business faster, better, smarter.

So when I sat in on Daniel Hall’s guest webinar expert, George Kau, I was excited to hear how people like me manage the demands on our time – particularly when it comes to the social media world.

George talked about three social media platforms that we really can’t ignore:

  • Linked In – great place for experts, meeting experts, etc.
  • Facebook – 800 million active users – certainly one or two of those users are a customer (or future customer) of yours?
  • Twitter – getting quick bursts of information out to broad, new audiences.

I love that simplicity. While I might add a social media aggregator site like, this certainly provides that FIRST STEP that small businesses everywhere can start and know they are covering their bases.

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