The Basics – What is Research?

For a lot of people, when I say I do research, their eyes roll in the back of their heads and then get catatonic. Really – marketing research doesn’t have to be scary. It isn’t scary! It’s just all about perspective.

When we do market research, it’s not about solving world hunger or finding the cure for Cancer. At the end of the day, while there are a lot of great reasons to do market research, the primary reaso for doing market research is to make marketing decisions EASIER.

So – knowing this, what do you want to know? What is it you are trying to solve? Think about all the business decisions you might make in a day:

  • Are my customers different than they were a year ago? Five years ago?
  • Why are customers not seeming to return?
  • Is my pricing right?
  • Are customers really happy with us?

There’s lots of things that marketing research can help a small business with. The question is: What do YOU want to KNOW?

This isn’t about solving marketing theory. I sometimes find myself talking small business people out of doing research. Sure, research is nice to have. But let’s spend resources wisely. If the research isn’t contributing to the business making money, saving mony, or running our business better… then why are we doing it again?

Tune in next time for more about research and the research process!

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