Testing What Works

Whenever a business owner tells me how successful a marketing campaign has been, I typically ask him/her: “How do you know?” Tracking and testing your marketing tactics – while sounding like a drudgery – can be quite helpful so that you know what you should keep doing more of, what to quit doing, and how to identify when a tactic’s success starts sliding.

One way to do this is through split testing. A/B Split Testing helps business owners determine which website element is more likely to produce a desired response from your prospects.

For example, you can test two headlines to see which performs better. You simply make two versions of the same page, with the only difference being the headline, so you are more likely to pinpoint EXACTLY what is causing the change in response. The key is to only change one thing at a time.

You can conduct split-testing through a wide variety of software programs and you may already have some available to you through your shopping cart and other services. If not, you can look at a script like DynaTracker to help you split test.

Some of The Items You Can Test on Your Website:

*Headlines: Try different versions of your headline, but usually only with small changes each time.

*Subheadlines: Do the same with your subheadlines as you do with your headline.

*Product Offer: Try different ways to present your product for ordering.

*Colors: Test background colors, headline colors, etc. but test one color element at a time.

*Fonts: Test different fonts in headlines and in sales copy text, but again, test them one at a time.

*Graphics: Test different product images, guarantee graphics, website images, etc.

*Price: Test different price points for your product.

Of course, what you test will depend on your unique website, but the point is you can discover a great many things by performing simple split test.

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