Teaching through email? Yes You Can!

Offering free things to your website visitors is one marketing method that often results in sales.

Free courses that are delivered via email are very popular, and people sign up for such courses on a regular basis to learn more about a topic of interest to them. These courses are best maintained and delivered with the use of autoresponders.

An autoresponder can be set up to send out a series of lessons for an email course. The lessons can be set for distribution at specific intervals. You determine how often the lessons for the course are sent to the people who have signed up for it. Email courses are very different from traditional courses, web based courses, or any other type of course.

There is no student and instructor interaction. The instructor writes the information out, puts each lesson in an autoresponder series, sets the timing for the lessons, and the rest is automated. You can opt to have lessons delivered daily, every other day, every three days, or any other time frame that you think works best for your email students.

Again, like other forms of content, this type of content helps to establish your expert status in your industry. And it can help brand your business and enhance your likeability factor. (We buy from people/companies we like and can relate to.)

So, content offers you, the business owner, the unique ability to:

•       Become an authority on your topic

•       Strengthen your brand

•       Enhance likeability

•       Solve your prospects’ problems

Don’t worry that you are “training your potential customers out of your sales funnel.” So for example, if you are a horticulturalist, you may want to offer an e-course to get people ready to plant in the Spring. Certainly, there are some people who are going to just purchase this minimal investment. However – others will want your book on gardening. Or others will want to subscribe to your video training series. Or others will want to become a member to gain access to you.

So in other words – celebrate that the customer chose to engage with you at all. Because today’s “little fish” just might become a HUGE customer later. 

The key is to establish your credibility first and then sell the product.

Continue, even after someone’s become a customer, to use your opt in list to connect with your prospects and target audience and to build a community.

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