Take a Breather – Diwali

Ahhh winter time. We’re being beseiged with wind or snow… and beginning the major holiday planning: getting reading for the feasting of Thanksgiving and the impending Christmas whirl of activities.

But just before all our maddness begins, consider taking a moment to borrow a celebration of the Hindu people. Diwali is the biggest celebration of the year for Hindu people.  Families light little lamps, they clean out their homes to make the “good spirits” feel welcome: ultimately, it’s a celebration of good over evil.

I think there’s another way to think of Diwali. Maybe, when you’re cleaning your office, and straightening up things, take  your own moment to light  candle and celebrate all the great things you’ve done this year. Before the frenzy of the holidays starts up, the pressure to out-do last year or to come up with the mother of all New Year’s resolutions… take a moment to celebrate yourself  – your own ways that you have “triumped over evil” this year. Have you overcome great odds? Completed a project that seemed impossible?  Withstood unspeakable loss or failure?

So take this moment – light a candle and remeber how far you’ve come along this year!

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