Step 1: What is your research objective?

In recent posts we’ve been talking about the research process. As discussed earlier, there are five steps to the research process (see previous for the high level overview.)

In step 1 we ask what is the research objective. Now – that’s the researchy-theoretical-geek in me talking. So let’s translate that into normal business-speak: what do you want to know?

Word whatever it is you want to know into the form of a question. So for example, in one of the marketing student-run studies that I oversaw, the client wanted to know what level of awareness his target market had about his restaurant. For another project, the client wanted to know where consumers got their information about purchasing wine. And in a different project, the client had lost touch with the market place: were they still priced correctly?

Each of these projects were worthwhile projects. The projects or research studies had direct relevance to running these small businesses, and the results would have impact on future decision making. I lke to see business owners really take this approach: to really focus on what it is that is truly important to their business.

Now – you try. If you could ask one thing, or identify one thing that you would like to know about your business, what would it be?

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