Sponsored Blogs: a unique strategy

If writing is really your thing and affiliate marketing and self-promotion aren’t, you may wish to consider writing sponsored blog posts.  If your site has a high traffic count and Alexa ranking, you’ll most likely be approached by product developers who want to pay you to write about their product – but, let’s face it, that’s not likely to happen when you’re just starting out.

This is a strategy that can apply both to individuals who may be wanting to develop a blogging career, as well as a small business who may want to more strongly promote given products they represent.

One way to get known while being paid is to hunt out companies yourself and apply to write sponsored posts on your own blog, making use of your existing traffic while increasing it (thanks to the ad power behind the companies wanting to make use of you).

A great resource for finding niche-specific assignments is the Problogger.net job board.

One caution:  You’re not likely to hit that six-figure income this way, but if you enjoy blogging, you’re quite happy with a steady flow of work and find a few reputable companies, you can supplement your monthly income (and even make one as a stand-alone income, if you blog full-time) quite nicely.  Just remember you’re using your traffic to make that company money… without receiving any sort of affiliate commission.

Make sure you pick companies that have good Google ratings themselves.  Weigh the pros and cons – perhaps even use these assignments for a short while until your traffic builds.

You can also write reviews and get paid directly for them, signing up with companies such as ReviewMe and PayPerPost, increasing your traffic while making money.

A business can do the same thing: but likely your “selection” process has already been limited or scoped out for you by the suppliers you use in your business. In this case, just contact  your supplier’s marketing department to determine what kind of arrangements can be made.

Make writing reviews and posts on your own domain part of your master plan; a step on the ladder to success.


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