Sometimes humor falls flat

Have you ever heard a joke that you just didn’t get? Or that completely didn’t make sense to you?

That’s the issue with using humor in marketing: even if you think you’ve highly focused your marketing effort to a very select niche audience, the humor can still fall flat.

Big companies make these mistakes too. Ragu – famous for its tomato sauce – did a video that was intended to go viral on the web. It “benignly” showed a group of moms sitting around comparing and poking fun at their husbands and their ineptness in the kitchen. Ragu then thought it would be a good idea to send the video to some famous bloggers – who also happened to be dads – to help encourage the viralness.

OOPS. Yeah – the video went viral alright. But not in the way they wanted!

LESSON: not everyone has the same sense of humor.

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