Social Media Tip 9: Never forget – Life is a Stage

While the original quote from Shakespeare is actually, “All the world’s a stage” the bard’s input applies neatly to our Social Media Tip #9, from research based Dan Zarrella’s presentation “The Science of Social Media.”

In the bard’s interpretation, “All the world’s a stage” is the comparison of life’s stages to that of a play and it’s various acts. In this example however, we’re talking about that as an “actor” in life, what you say matters. How you say it, matters. And to whom you say it, matters.

So in Zarrella’s presentation, he notes that whenever he’s speaking, even if on Facebook, he remembers that it’s just as if he is giving a presentation with a whole bunch of people in the room.

Because there is no bigger audience than the 700 million-strong nation of Facebook citizens.

Think about it for a minute: employers are using social media to learn more about their employees and applicants. What one says online absolutely affects what happens to them and how they are perceived offline.  There are plenty of examples of employees, teachers, superintendents who “thought theywere just saying something to their family and friends on Facebook” who found them on the wrong side of the employment equation.

So what is the lesson here?  Nothing you say online is private.  Everything you say online matters. And everything you say online has the capacity to build (or destroy) your brand.

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