Social Media Tip 8: Timing is Everything

People often saythat timing is everything.

And how true that is!

Timing matters to the success or failure of TV shows (what night the TV show is aired, what it’s up against, what the lead in show is). Timing matters to how much money you make in the stock market: how long you wait before a stock peaks; if you find out too late and there’s a sell off of the stock or the market. Timing is even important in a golf swing: keeping all the parts of your form in alignment, each  moving at precisely the correct moment in sequence to physically leverage the club speed to knock the ball down the fairway.

So of course timing would also matter in social media, as Hub spot’s social media scientist, Dan Zarrella, exlained in his most recent presentation “The Science of Social Media.”

While yes, tweets, posts, etc get read throughout the week, it turns out that your readers are exactly like you: swamped at work, just trying to keep up with the deluge of email and information coming at them, performing a sort of informational triage: what has to be read in it’s entirity (customer requests or questions)? what has to be taken care of NOW (that email that cc’d your boss — oops)? what can wait  (I can confirm that webinar attendance later today during lunch)? and what is more like mind-candy (the price of Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress, while interesting…..).

So when do those “later” tweets or emails actually get read? Even clicked through? Turns out over the weekend according to Zarrella.  He notes that his research found a spike of click through and readership for tweets, posts, and the like (no pun intended) the information that was too good to let go of, but not imperative to read right this minute.

So what does a business person do? Try a couple of things:

  • You certainly could look at emailing, tweeting, etc., more towards the later part of the week and the weekend…
  • OR: try what networks have been doing for years.  Try the “in case you missed it” approach. TV networks, when trying to build a viewership for shows, will often try several timeslots out with the viewers. Further, in an age of cable TV and timezones, you will often see a given broadcast aired at several times throughout the evening for the convenience of later timezones (think MSNBC”s evening line up.)

But no matter what you do – do what works for YOUR target audience….. that’s really all the data that matters. 😉

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