Social Media Tip #7: Understanding Attention

As many of you know, I’m a fan of scientific data. And I’m an even bigger fan of scietific data about marketing: how to do marketing well, and how to do it better.  So HubSpot’s social media scientist, Dan Zarrella, has confirmed some great concepts (and dispelled others) in his most recent study “The Science of SocialMedia.”

An element of understanding how to help your readers, is understanding their attention. When I say attention, we’re not getting into the declining attention span and all the negative feedback we tend to hear about through the popular press. Attention — what we choose to pay attention to, give our mind share to — is an important commodity, no different than our hard earned cash: We are exchanging (or trading) our moment of attention for the idea or promise of good infomation that the provider says they’ll give us.

So when you think about providing information, understand that you are competing against all the other messages in that reader’s world: kids, spouse, parents, work issues, bills, homework, housework…. your reader has a very crowded brain! So while this isn’t so much a “tip” it’s a mindset, an understanding that’s helpful when you’re trying to “cut through the clutter.”






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