Social Media Tip 5: Look on the Bright Side of Life

Monty Python fan’s rejoice! Apprently Eric Idle was right in his advice to “Always look on the bright side of life” … a least as it applies to social media.

Hubspot social media scientist, Dan Zarrella, shares that your Twitter followers and Facebook friends don’t really want to be laid low with bad news.  It seems as though Zarrella’s research shows that if people want a bucket of cold water thrown on them, they can watch the evening news, thanks. That’s not what they’re reading you or following you for.

That doesn’t mean everyone needs to rush to Youtube and find the latest cute kitten or fuzzy koala bear video (although advertising geeks all know that if you want to increase awareness of your ad,  just add a cute puppy or baby at the end for sure fire success.) No one’s suggesting that; but what Zarrella does suggest is that you focus on the positive, even when delivering the news, if you want it to become viral.

He provides a great illustration: in a recent Government 2.0 conference, the audience appropriately asked him “but how do we stay positive about information when we’re talking about millions of barrels of crude oil being dumped in the gulf? Or carnage? Deaths of millions of sea life?”

Zarrella points to a time old-tested truth that every news producer uses: end on an upnote. Show the human interest piece. Share how people are over coming all odds. Give them hope and inspiration.

Maybe MaryPoppins wasn’t so wrong (or syrupy-sweet) after all.



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