Social media tip 4: It’s Not All About YOU

If you’ve ever had the fun of reviewing resume’s and cover letters from job applicants, you can certainly relate to this next tip has to offer.

Good career resources professionals, recruiters and hiring managers alike will all tell job applicants the same thing: while a cover letter is a brochure for the applicant, the cover letter and resume have to answer the age old question -what’s in it for me? What will this applicant do for ME?

All too often applicants shoot themselves in the foot by talking about themselves the entire time. And certainly, the cover letter is there to highlight the applicant’s skills; but the successful 1% of applicants high light skills that will help the hiring manager.

In other words, they realize that it’s not all about them; it’s about the hiring manager.

The same is true of social media, it appears.

In Dan Zarrella’s most recent research “The Science of Social Media,” Hubspot’s resident scientist validates what yenta’s have known for thousands of years: talking about yourself all the time is boring and doesn’t make for great first dates.

So in your tweets and posts, show your followers you care about what THEY care about: provide them good information. Share an insight that might help to illustrate an issue better. Provide a solution to their problems.

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