Social Media Tip 3: Lable Yourself…. carefully

In this most recent series of blog posts, I’m recapping Dan Zarrella’s most recent research findings from “The Science of Social Media.” Zarrella, a researcher after my own heart, finds a great balance in conducting pure research (which makes all geek hearts go pitter patter) and providing relevant, actionable tips that research is suggesting (for the businessperson in all of us).

One of his findings suggests that yes, while we should “label” ourselves in the social media world, we should do so carefully.

Labels or titles like “Marketing Maven” lose out to “author”; “guru’s” aren’t nearly as followed as those with the title “founder” in their bio-lines.

In otherwords – self-proclaiming titles sound like self-egrandisement; titles that speak to your authority (expert, speaker, founder, author, researcher) all speak to your credibility…. and thus bolster your credibility (and following) in the social media sphere.

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