Social Media Tip #2: Strike a Pose

Occassionally, I find exceptional webinars, books, resources, etc that I just can’t help but share with all of you. In this case, my most recent “find” is Dan Zarrella, Hubspot’s resident social media scientist.

One finding in Zarrella’s most recent social media study concludes that having a photo on your Twitter page, Facebook profile, etc makes a difference to your followers.

In a very impersonally medium, the Internet, it appears that we are still all creatures of habit: we like “knowing” who we’re following, dealing with, reading about.

So while some of us (me included) tend to be a bit camera-shy, channel your inner Madonna and strike a pose; capture the image, and share it with the world.  This isn’t about beauty contests; it’s about putting a face to a name, personalizing things, and making an inhuman platfom more friendly.

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