Social Media Tip 13: Ask for What You Want

Lucky 13 rounds out our Social Media tips as derrived from Hubspot’s social media scientist, Dan Zarrella.

Turns out the old sales tip, “Ask for the sale” applies in social media terms too. Zarrella’s study “The Science of Social Media” provides research based findings to support what social media actions and tactics work, or don’t work.

Just many customers will not buy from a sales person who has not asked for the sale, so too many of our reader will not “like,” “tweet”  or “+1” something without prompting, as Zarrella’s findngs support.

The same is true of being polite about the request as well: just as many of us are turned off by aggressive sales people’s closing tactics, Zarrella notes that a politely worded request “Please tweet this” never hurts.

So it’s not enough to put social media buttons on your sites.  Ask for what you want. If you want your customers to tweet something, ask for it. If you want them to “like” you, ask them! 😉

As my folks used to say, it ever hurts to ask!   (*So please? Would you like this site? Subscribe to the RSS Feed? We’d love to keep in touch!)

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