Social Media Tip 12: Write Well

Writing well, yes is a talent. But writing well can be a skill that is developed and cultivated over your professional lifetime.

And writing well is another important fact that HubSpot Social Media Scientist, Dan Zarrella, advocates in his research regarding social media in his most recent presentation, “The Science of Social Media.”

As with all of Zarrella’s findings, the suggestion that business people need to write well in order to reap social media (and marketing) success, makes sense. If one isn’t understood, then how will your audience know what to do? How could they take action? Would they even follow your article or posts though to conclusion (or even to click through your provided links?)

Of course not.

In a split second your audience triages the influx of information coming at them each day,they determine the importance, relevance, timeliness, and uniqueness of each message.  Thy also determine the credibility and authority of the source sending the message. All they have to judge you by are… yep, you guessed it, your written word.

Writing well isn’t important just because Zarrella’s research implies that the better the written message the more likely it’s read, that you’re followed, etc.  It’s important also because Google’s Panda update makes it so.   In short, Google is penalizing lower quality content, repeated content, and content that simply adds no value, by giving those sites lower rankings — if even indexing them at all.

So the lesson here: write well. Learn to write well. Or find people to write well. But writing is not a luxury. It’s imperative.

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