Social Media Tip 11: Help Them Understand

People are curious beings. They really do want to know about their world, how things work the way they do, and what posibilities there are.

Dan Zarrella talks about this human need to know why in his presentation “The Science of Social Media” in which he discusses his own research exploration to understand what works in social media.

The Hubspot Social Media Scientist talks about this human need/phenomenon …. one that was pretty well researched by the US Military. When unexplained loud noises happened outside a city, residents would hypothesize what the sound was (bombing? explosion?).

Then people look for evidence of what it is they are asking.  Turns out the old saying of knowning a good restauant by how full the parking lot is or how long the waiting line to get in is, is actually our ‘non-technolgical form’ of social proof, long before Facebook “likes” and Google “+1’s”.

So how can we help our readers best? Help them understand. Help them learn to fish, don’t just give information (the fishing rod) but help them learn how to use the information to their advantage. Help them interpret the information. Point out the interconnectedness between differing, disparate, or contractory pieces of information so that your readers can be empowered to make their own decisions or come to their own conclusions.

That’s the real power and importance of being a good information provider, coach, teacher or publisher! 😉

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