Social Media Tip 10: Go Where You’re Needed

These last few weeks we’ve been talking about  powerful research study from Hubspot’s own social media scientist, Dan Zarrella (whom I now have a bit of a geek-crush on). As a lover of marketing and research data that reinforces what is good marketing, I knew this was information we can all learn from and expand upon.

“Going where you’re needed” isn’t so much a factoid from Zarrella’s presentation as it is just an inalienable truth. Right up there with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, there is a Declaration of sorts that Google has most recently amplified. From one of the Internet’s “father’s” of sorts, Bill Gates’ comment (ok – no, I know he didn’t INVENT the internet, so please no hate mail here….), Content is king and then reinforced by the Google Panda update that not just content but GOOD content is imperative.

So when we talk about providing content, what do we provide? Good content is a bit like Justice Stewart’s definition of obscenity: but do we really “know it when we see it?”

One path, Zarrella suggests, is to consider the characteristic of scarcity: the more unique or ‘scarce’ the information, the more valuable it is. Certainly this is true. After all, don’t companies the world over pay millions of dollars for market research?

Also consider topics that are important or needed…. relevant.  People  are innundated with information…. new pieces of information coming at your readers every day.  So if you can provide rare infomation, information that is relevant to them, and new …. yet still making it relevant and meaningful to them…. you’ll have masterd the idea of content publishing. 😉

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