Should I care about the 4Ps? (Promotion)

The short answer? YES.  But I do want you to think a little differently about them.  The 4Ps of marketing are a quick and easy way to remember the core elements of marketing: product (what are you selling),  price (for how much are you selling it), place (how can your customer find your product), and promotion (how would your customer know about your product).

When we think about promotion, I mean more than glitzy TV ad spots. First, most of us as small business people can’t afford those. Today, promotions can mean so many things: customer care after your sale, your business card, your communications mechanisms, how you treat customers, ensuring your Facebook page is up and active, how you’re representing yourself on Linked in or your website, etc.

But don’t stress: much of this will feel very intuitive… your overall marketing ‘philosophy’. And some of it will come from your own experience. And then some of it you do have to learn.  The example I like to use is when you buy a car. So often car sales people are so busy making the sale that they forget that we as conumers don’t always know where “things” are (I once had to get help from the gas station attendent to help me find the gas cap release button for a car I had just gotten!).  So yes, you should follow up. Thank you notes are nice and should be a no brainer, but why not call 3-4 days after the sale and say “hey, I know it takes awhile to sometimes figure out what you don’t know about your new car, so if you ever need help, just call us whether it’s in 3 weeks or 3 years, we’ll make sure your questions are answered.”

So take a moment and think about it… if promotions is a reflection of you and your product, what is your current marketing saying about YOU? What do you want it to say?

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