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Websites are a bit like your home. We get used to walking through our homes each day, so much so that we fail to notice the pile of newspapers on the coffee table, or how the kitch has grown, overtaking every horizonal surface in sight. Or even ourselves: we get used to the glasses or haircut that might be a few years (or decade) out of style.

The same goes for our websites: it’s a good thing to occassionally go through your site and make sure you aren’t letting your “look” or “style” date you. Just as TV stylists might go through your closet and pitch those bell bottom pants (no- they really aren’t going to come back into style any time soon), occassionally you need to go through your website and look at it from a new vantage point.

And just as we can be our own worst editors, sometimes reviewing a website is best done by someone else. So when you ask someone to review your site, what should you ask them? Here’s some ideas:

*What is the first thing you notice?

*Are there any obvious distractions?

*Is it easy to find the information and navigate through the website?

*Is it clear what you should do on each page of the website (ex. what links to follow, which call-to-action to consider)?

While these questions may seem simplistic, they will often uncover great areas for growth and opportunity.  So don’t hesitate! It’s time to clean out the cobwebs of your site!

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