Reinvest… In YOU

Carving out time to recharge, rethink ideas, learn new skills is never easy. No matter if you are a mom, a small business person, a teacher…. here’s always a running to do list in your head of “really important things to get done:” oops, rotate the laundry. Darn, I forgot to proof read that article for Joe. I never heard back from Dave… what’s happening on that project? In short, the days become crowded and somehow most of us push ourselves to the bottom of the list.

This is especially all too easy to do when you work from a home office for yourself. YOU are the boss of YOU. You have to make the time to sharpen those skills because there’s no supervisor evaluating your performance. You have to critically evaluate your own performance each day, not against what your peers are doing, but where YOU want to be with your business…. What YOU want to know to better serve your clients? What is YOUR vision? for yourself? For your business? For your life?

I have been attending some webinars lately… more so than usual it seems. For example, I have been listening to the preview calls for the upcoming Virtual Ebook Expo and have been rocked by the great insights that can be shared in even just a “preview.”  But even more than just gleanig some great information, the brief  “jolt” of recharge, the breath of fresh air that such a siutation (even if it is virtual) is fabulous.

For example, in listening to Connie Ragen Green, one can only appreciate the detailed, organized approach to how she cranks out an article a day, day in and day out. She makes the process of daily writing understandable and manageble. Similarly, David Hancock of Morgan James Publishing is a welcomed jolt of espresso first thing in the morning. At the end of his presentation, you can’t help but want to stand up in your home office and applaud from the rush of enthusiasm he creates in his presentation.

The takeaway for me, as what I hope is for you as well, is how important it is to get out of our routines: to recharge the creative batteries and take away a refreshed attitude that can only help our pursuits and business!

So…. What have YOU done for YOU lately?

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