Preparing the next generation of employees

As I sit here in Olympia, Washington, listening to the budget battles of how much will be cut, from where it’ll be cut, etc., it strikes me, as I’m sure as it must so many around the nation, that we’re getting a lot of mixed signals (almost two faced…?) from our government/leaders.

On the one hand, our leaders say things that resonate with so many of us: education is the silver bullet. Education is the way out. Education is the future. As one who quite litterally worked my way through a bachelors, two masters and a doctorate… this makes sense to me.

But then, on the other hand, education budgets aren’t sacred – and legislators continue to cut budgets (ie: K-12, college, etc), yet expect schools to “do better” or “do more with less?” … Or worse, for struggling college students to continue to shoulder more of the financial burden of going to college, even when we know the emploiyment market is tight and so many college students are already taking on too many loans to finance their education.

it’s time for reinvention: but how do people reinvent when they’re too busy being scared for their jobs and finshing up the school year to get creative? How do you reinvent in an atomosphere of scarcity and fear? As one who’s spent most of my working career taking the ‘non-tradtional’ or “creative” approach to things, let me tell you, it’s not easy.

So thought 1: Let’s change our perspective. What if we thought of “school” as not “school” and the kids as “just” students, but our next generation of employees. How would we think of the school day or school environment differently?


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