Pre-selling: what is it? Can I do it?

Let’s answer the question in the headline first: YES.

Pre-selling can be seen as a number of activities – but in essence, it’s more than just gathering orders before the release of a book or DVD.  Pre-sale activities are ANYTHING that will move the customer further along the sales process and into finally purchasing the product.  So your customer engagement, the information (or promotions) etc all drive customers to the final purchasing process.

Most people don’t jump on the computer with their credit card in hand. That is unless they already have a product or service in mind and are ready to buy. (However, chances are, they’ve been pre-sold on that product or service prior to grabbing their credit card.)

So, pre-selling is essential to motivate future purchases. It’s how you convert prospects to customers. So of course, you should care about pre-sale activities.

Of course you don’t HAVE to pre-sell. You can simply put up a sales page, optimize it for the search engines, create some ads to promote the page and let it fly. You may make some sales.

But if you want to increase those sales and have a higher conversion rate for that sales page, well pre-selling is required.

People buy from:

•       People they like

•       People they trust

•       People they consider to be experts

•       People with a good reputation in their industry

So pre-selling helps establish all of these buying triggers and more. Okay, so you’re sold on the concept of pre-selling, right?  You want to convert more prospects into buyers and you want to make more money from your products. Good!  Let’s take a look at the seven keys to pre-selling your products to your market.

Motivate Others To Pre-Sell

One of the most powerful selling devices is actually the opinions of others. There are many technical and non-technical terms for this. Some call it social proof, others call it jumping on the bandwagon. Regardless, we tend to buy products and services that our peers have deemed noteworthy. As a business owner you can use this concept of social proof to pre-sell your content.

You can always incent or encourage people to provide testimonials for your product or service.  Major corporations even provide products or services to customers free or seriously reduced if they will use the product and then be willing to go on the record (in advertising or marketing efforts) to share how the product worked for them.  So anything you can do to help grow your testimonials and case studies.

So give serious time and attention to your pre-selling activities to make sure you are creating every possible positive experience for your customers so that they will not just want to buy from you but also recommend you to others!


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