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Woof. Don’t Kick My Team

In a day and age of less than loyal companies, governments who are trying to eliminate unions, jobs being outsourced faster than McDonalds can process an order… Company loyalty can sometimes feel like a quaint old idea that went the way of the gold watch and working for a firm until you die. But in […]

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Data, data everywhere...

Data, data everywhere…

I know a marketing manager who often shares (or rather BRAGS) about how he has this “mountain of data” on his customer base. “You have NO idea how cool it is! I have [fill in the appropriate information] about my customers… I know when they buy…. I know how they buy, how they pay, what […]

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Watching the world go by: Environmental Scanning

How do YOU monitor the marketplace? Some call this environmental scanning; others call it market analysis; and still others simply just call it keeping tabs on the world around you. However you want to refer to these factors that effect business, the important thing is to simply do it.   All too often, managers become […]

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