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Six to seven months ago, my fellow teacher/researcher and business  partner, Dr. Richard Moody and I, started researching…. well, frankly all of YOU. We  were fascinated by this “internet business” world that was hardly  being represented in the hallowed halls of academia, and wondered what we were  missing in our own teachings – and how to close the gap between classroom and real world.

We sat on a lot of conference calls, a lot of trainings,  bought a lot of products, listened to a lot of people. We then started whittling down who the “real” experts were, from the wanna be’s.

We started also wondering how in the world “newbies” survive and succeed in this mad, chaotic Turkish-bazzaar environment.  Our big lighbulb learning: 95% don’t make it.

We also got “bit” by the bug.

We came up with an idea – an amalgomation of a lot of ideas  from both online and offline business, captalizing on both our corporate business  backgrounds (at small, little companies like AT&T, US West, Qwest, American  Red Cross and Apple), and our doctoral/professorial training as researchers. We  started our virtual business, with this guy you might have heard about: Willie

To this day, I have no idea what compelled him to take a  chance on two unknown geeks who weren’t internet experts. But I am forever  grateful for his kind heart, his mentoring spirit, and his unwavering faith in  us and this project.

On Oct 6, we launched the FIRST of 12 books as part of the Start Your Internet Business book series: 36 Things You Need to Know Now.     The book, which can be read in paperback, kindle, nook, Ipad or audiobook versions, also has a companion action planning workbook, as well an indepth “behind the scenes” author interview recording available too.

Our amazing crew of guest expert authors include: Dennis  Becker, Willie Crawford,  Reed Floren,  Connie Ragen Green, Jane Mark, Marlon Sanders, Rachel Rofe, Susanne Myer, Tahir  Shah, Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian, and Nicole Dean.

For more information about any of the authors, the book or the parent publishing company McMoodyCrawford, LLC, please check out our website.

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