Never Forget: Review your writing

Proof reading is not my strength. Frankly I wonder if it’s anyone’s “strength” or if it’s simply a skill we learn after years of embarrassing mistakes. Proof reading is also extraordinarily difficult when:

* You’re tight on time

* You’re writing in a hurry

* You have no time to take a break

* and you have no one else to review your work first.

WE always know what we were saying: the question is – will anyone else UNDERSTAND us? So with that in mind, if you’ve just finished writing the copy for your website, take a break and review it when you feel refreshed. When you’re refreshed, review it in a few different ways:

*Review and edit on your computer.

*Print it out and edit it on paper.

*Print out again and read it out loud. It’s amazing what things stand out when you hear what you’ve written aloud.

*Hire someone else to thoroughly read your copy and ask if they find the offer credible and if they have any unanswered questions. Ask them:

*Did the offer seem credible to you? (Ex. If you’re teaching something, do they feel you are qualified to teach it? Are the claims made believable?)

*Were there any unanswered questions about the product or the offer? If so, what were they?



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