Marketing research has a process?

Yes, Virginia, there really is a process to marketing (woops – did I just date myself there?).

You can pick up just about any marketing book and find a process for marketing research. Some have 7 steps… others have 9. I’ve seen some with 11, 12, 13 steps (to which I say – how in the world do you remeber that!)

I’m a pretty simple girl: I have five fingers – I can remember 5 things. So let’s start with the high level overview of th five steps. In subsequent posts you’ll find my explanation about these steps.

1.) What is it you want to know. Word it in the form of a question.
2.) What data exists? If you can solve the question or the problem with existing data then don’t go any further.
3.) What kind of data do you need?
4.) Gather the data you need and analyze it.
5.) Solve or answer the question in step 1.

Pretty straight forward? Yep. For now. See you next time when we start with step 1!

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