Managing your customer base

 Databases. It can start simply at first, certainly. But the more information you gather, the more valuable your database will become.

After all, think about it: there are businesses are bought SOLELY because of the value of the customer list that comes with the business.

So as you start building your customer list, you’ll eventually want to start communicating with them.  Keep in mind that you should plan those communications. The more carefully thought out and positioned they are, the more value to your list.

Many businesses find tying your customer list to an auto responder servicer to  be valuable.  But that means you need to be organized.  Keep subscribers moving through your system, changing their “status” as they respond to your various programs or offers.  For example, it makes absolutely no sense to keep sending them offers dealing with Why You Should Start A Blog – when they’re already in your niche blogging membership site. And yet this does happen!

Building a membership list that also has mobile numbers can come in handy as well. For example, if you run a bar or restaurant, and business is looking a little slow, you can text message a special offer to all your “special customers” to drive business.

If you’ve taken the time to add information like service dates to your data base, you can also make special offers to customers. For example, if you run a oil changing/service station, you can text message or email your customers who have service due in the next 30 days, offering them a discount if they come in on one of your slower days before their service date.

Each of these ideas wouldn’t be feasible to implement without a way to gather and retain information about your customers in a manner that is easily retrievable and analyze later. So take some time and examine your options!

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