How to Orgainze All that Social Media Advice & Info

I adore good advice.

Any time I get to sit on a webinar and learn something that makes running my company or doing my job easier, I like it more.

So learning how to manage the “Time Suck” that social media can be is really important to me.  That’s why listening to Daniel Hall’s latest guest expert, George Kao, was just incredible.  The one tip I want to share with all of you today is about the four types of social media advice.

If you’re like me, we all seem to be overwhelmed by the tsunami of of social media advice that floats around in the mass media today. George bucketizes the social media advice in four categories:

  • Job Seeking – predominently will focus on Linked In.
  • Local Business/Retail – you’ll hear more about Yelp, Groupon, Four Square, Places, etc.
  • Big or Midsized brands – you’ll see more about mashable and hubspot.
  • But then – what about the rest of us? Solopreneurs or Small business.

Think about it – just that ONE tip – doesn’t that help you rethink how you read articles about social media differently?  It helps you to organize your thoughts – oh – what’s this about? This article is talking about social media that is more for X type of a company – not for me.

It helps to create focus; it helps pare down – what you should be paying attention to, gets rid of the rest.

What’s better than that?

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