Giving Back – a good business practice

Occassionally I like to remind the business clients I work with that giving back to their community can be a very good thing. After all, a business operates within a community; it’s a symbiotic relationship.  And a business owes it to their community to “give back” to the community from which it “takes” (or “gets” — in terms of its employees, customers, etc).

Today is World Red Cross Day.

A day that honors the good work the Red Cross has done and continues to do throughout the world.

Think that you’ve not ever been affected by the Red Cross? Answer these questions:

  • Has your community ever been affected by natural disasters (ie: hurricanes, floods, wild fires, etc)
  • Have you ever seen a house fire?
  • Have you ever taken a first aid or CPR course?
  • Have you ever swam in a public pool?

Those things, and so many more, are activities that the Red Cross does, both directly and indirectly, that you’ve likely benefitted from.  Most notably, the Red Cross is known for their Disaster Response teams and first aid/CPR or baby sitting courses. But they do so much more. They certify life guards. They provide assistance to those who have lost their homes in house fires. They provide blood to hospitals and organizations.  And they have played a critical role in AIDS education, awareness and prevention.

There’s all kinds of great organizations out there. If your organization focuses on kids, then maybe you want to do something to benefit the children in your community. Pick an organization that has a natural tie to your mission ororganization…. and then take time to give back.

It’s just good business.


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