Get your message out to the masses: distributing your content

It would be a shame to go to all the effort of creating great content and then nobody sees it. There are endless ways to get your content out there to be read and acted upon by your target audience. Here are just a handful of ideas:

Add your articles to article directories. There are many directories that allow you to submit your articles with a byline. A byline is biographical information about yourself/business and can also include a link to your website. Just search for “article directory” and you’ll find a whole bunch of possibilities.

Bookmark your blog entries and other content on social bookmarking sites. Try a service like to maximize your bookmarking efforts.

Give content to your affiliates to rebrand and add their affiliate links. Webmasters love great content and when they stand to profit from it, they are more than willing to share your content.

Post your videos to sites like These busy sites will show your videos, plus they provide their users the copy-and-paste code so they can put your videos on their websites too.

Announce your new content on your blog and to your mailing list, through twitter, facebook, etc. This is an no-brainer way to create a new blog post and also alerts your regular readers to new content.

(BONUS TIP: do you have an RSS feed? Consider it!)

Submit content to offline publications like magazines, community organizations, etc who serve your readers. It’s not just websites that are in need of content. Larger magazines and publications might want more exclusive or first-rights (they publish it before it appears anywhere else) to your content, but smaller local publications might just be happy for the extra content.

Website owners who serve your customers. Contact them directly to publish your content. Submitting to directories can be effective, but if you want targeted publishers to publish your content, contact them directly. And one they’ve agreed to publish some of your content, be sure to notify them when you have new stuff to share.

Make it a press release. Turn your informative content to a more formal press release and submit it to the media. For a tutorial on writing a press release, go to

Submit your podcasts where appropriate. Add your podcasts to and other audio-related sites.

Remember, the goal of content distribution is to distribute your articles, reports, ebooks, videos and audios for publication outside of your own website. By distributing your content, you can dramatically expose your business to more people than you could have using traditional advertising methods…and for a lot smaller cash outlay or even no financial investment if you plan to do all the labor yourself.

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