Follow Google trends– carefully

One thing that many of my business clients find helpful is occasionally checking to see what “trends” are hot on Google. Checking Google Trends (go to will help you see what keywords are hot at the moment. 

Then, try to find a logical way to work a post about one of them into your blog.  If you use Technorati and social news sites to promote it, there’s a good chance that fellow bloggers and webmasters will see it and link to it.

Finding and using the best keywords is a crucial part of marketing your business. All the great long-tailed keywords in the world won’t help if you don’t put consistent, steady time and effort into promotion and supporting strategies (in other words, use those key words consistently.)

So take some time: what key words best describe your business? What key words are most popular?  Then devise a strategy to use those key words consistently in your blogging, article writing, etc so that customers find you consistently.  Remember – it does no good to use key words that don’t fundamentally tie in to your company or brand, no matter how “hot” the key word is at the moment.

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