Email Marketing – Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Ask any seasoned web marketer… anyone who’s been doing business on the web for any length of time…. what’s the one thing they wish they’d done differently or better when they first started their businesses.  Almost 9 times out of 10, they’ll tell you something about how they “wished they’d started building their list sooner.”

But building and cultivating a relationship with a mailing list is a tough thing.  It’s like being a good guest – you want to visit – but don’t over stay your welcome.

Brendon Buchard, author of the Milionaire Messenger, suggests emailing your list at least 3 times with helpful, beneficial information before even considering making an offer to them.

Here’s some other things to consider:

How often do you email your list?

Do you dig up really meaty tips for them, ready to fire these off when things are slow?

Or, are you a “Hit and Miss” emailer?

What is a “Hit and Miss” emailer?  Do you sometimes schedule and send a batch of emails out… but then you get really busy, and before you know it, a couple of months have passed without word to your list?

Do you occasionally have a work-binge on your Minisites or blogs, then send out emails for a bit … before getting sucked up into the crisis of the day?

That’s a “Hit and Miss” emailer – and we’ve all done it, at one time or other (Yes, me included). It’s part of the learning curve as you climb up the ladder. But once you’re sending emails out “regularly”, it’s important to make sure they really are regular.

If you’ve built up a warm relationship with them in other arenas like membership sites and forums where they think of you as a peer, they may happily forgive you:  But wouldn’t it be better to include your email campaigns as part of your sales funnel, planned well in advance?  Wouldn’t it be better if they thought of you as the “go to” expert who’s always on top of trends with the leaders, rather than just as their buddy who’s still struggling? Or worse – just not “together” enough to be professional about how you do your marketing?

So try being consistent with your email marketing. Remember – it’s a part of your overall brand and image. You’re communicating with your customers. Treat them like friends. If you try to be consistent and communicate regularly with your friends… do the same with your customers.


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